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I often get asked this question; and I still never get bored of answering this. Cheebees does not have a literal meaning as such but it is an english slang for BACHA-PARTY in hindi. 

      About CHEEBEES

Hi there, I’m Manasi Adholiya, and I run Cheebees in Harrow, London. Cheebees started with private tuition in 2011 and has been like this, and better since then.


Inspiring  Creativity and  Wonder

Creativity is so important for our children’s early development. In fact, I would say it’s one of the fundamental building blocks for developing lateral thinking later in life.

The ability to solve complex problems, create new, sustainable ways of living, and rethink how we build, create and nurture our world has become a core skill for the next generation.

After 9 years of teaching primary schools children with all core subjects and art, I’ve become convinced that creativity is set to become a core skill along with the other subjects. However, the problem is that art and creativity aren’t core subjects, and the school curriculum is full to overflowing.

Cheebees is a space where children come to seek support in their school homework, learn and discover art. I offer a supportive and nurturing environment for your children to thrive in. A space where your child will experiment in different mediums, and begin developing their fundamental skills.

It’s my intention to provide your child a healthy balance of structured lessons and self-guided creativity. I find immense joy in watching children find their own confident voice through the exploration. I can’t wait to see your child with Cheebees!

I make this learning fun and enjoyable, and Cheebees' word-of-mouth referrals say it all.



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